Streets and Gardens

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Kitchen Gardens

Cape Dutch Quarters Gardens BushCape Dutch Quarters Gardens Close

The garden is surrounded on two sides by magnificent Cape Dutch houses and thus the garden is designed to highlight the historic views and emphases the traditional agricultural atmosphere of the area. The garden was designed for us by renowned gardener Bridget Kipley. In July  2014, we started laying out a formal ornamental Kitchen garden, but things only really got going in April 2015 when we finished repairing the water reservoir and turned on the irrigation.

Open to visitors seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, the gardens have become an additional tourist attraction in Tulbagh. In addition to its educational benefits, we now grow around 40 types of fruit, vegetable and herbs that we supply to both Tulbagh residents and local restaurants. The garden aims to grow beautiful produce year round to the benefit of our partners, founders, workers, volunteers and community. Visitors can orders seasonal produce in the garden or at Cape Dutch Quarters’ reception


Peace Park

In 2012, we initiated the Church Street Peace Park as a collective of eleven overgrown and neglected garden plots that run between Church Street and the river. Once we had taken down the dividing fences, we started clearing the alien bush and dumped rubbish that way right over the site.  Over the years we have planted a large lawn, many trees, plants and flowers.

Although the park is privately owned, it is kept open to the public and is financed by the neighbors as well as renting it for weddings and parties. Fully fenced in, its perfect for families wanting to enjoy picnics or just relax in the shade under the trees.



Viewing Platform

On the 2nd floor, above our reception and Travelers Lodge is a viewing platform with unique 360 degree view of the village, valley and mountains in the distance. Sunsets from here are spectacular and all guests should try to see at least one.



Historic Church Street Gardens

Church Street as reconstructed after the earthquake is unique in South Africa and is a site to behold. The 28 restored houses collectively turn the whole street into an open air museum which can be enjoyed and appreciated at all times of the day or night.



The Galgeheuwel (Gallows Hill) was declared as a Local nature reserve in 1999. The hill overlooks the length of historic Church Street and the views from the look out hut at the top of the hill are awe inspiring. The reserve is famous for its ‘Renosterbos’ flora which is highly endangered in the wild. In particular the rare endemic flowers that grow on the hill in early Spring time are unique and world famous. The path up to the look out hut starts behind house 42 in Church Street. A bridge over the river linking to the Church Street Peace Park is under construction.